Jim Wensley

I enjoyed interviewing Jim for the Capital Modern Exhibition at the Art Gallery of Alberta in 2007. Unfortunately I did not know him before this, although his shadow has long loomed large on the Edmonton architectural scene. In the exhibition, we honoured Jim for his work while in partnership with Don Bittorf in the 1960s. That included the 1967 Mayfair Park Pavilions, the Poole Residence and the 1969 Edmonton Art Gallery. Subsequent to those projects, one of Jim’s most important was the Edmonton Convention Centre on and under jasper Avenue and its remarkable connection between downtown and the river valley. Only recently have we seen this vision come to completion with the development of Louise McKinney Park. Another remarkable project that is not well-known is the house that Jim designed for himself in 1966. It is a modern and unique tour-de-force at the corner of Buena Vista Road and 81 Avenue. Jim has left a great architectural legacy in Edmonton and we were very pleased to honour him in our exhibition.

David Murray

David Murray, Architect AAA, FRAIC

1967 Poole Residence


1967 Mayfair Park Pavilions